Frequently Asked Questions

In case we missed anything...

We can give you a free quote from the results of Examine-IT Pro. As you will discover, it really depends on what types of files you have - some are easy to process and others can be much more time-consuming. You incur no software, hardware or storage costs.

Processing your files depends on how many documents you have and if you have some of those time-intensive files that may require manual processing. Your confidential database is usually ready in a week or two.

Some of the best software we’ve ever used was free or low cost. It did what we wanted to do quickly and with a small learning curve. Furthermore, Discover-IT only works with the custom database of your words that we create. We encourage you to share your database with colleagues, and they'll need Discover-IT too.

We return processed files along with the database and Discover-IT on a USB drive. You can also download it from our secure FTP site or upload it to your secure FTP site- your choice.

Yes. Our recommendation is to do it in chunks of files that you may receive as part of your business activity.

Yes. There are no per user charges. It is completely your choice what you do with your files

No. You can use our system anyplace you decide to upload it. It's designed to go anywhere you and your laptop can. Your documents are stored on the Cloud only if you want them to be. We think a better place is on your computer.

You control what documents you share with colleagues or co-counsel. If you use an expensive software system in your office, you don’t want to give them access.

For Mac - 10.7 and higher

For PC - Windows 7 and higher


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