Our Process: Your Benefits

ThunderCloud Resources utilizes a 3-step process designed to give you an easy-to-use search engine integrated with a custom database of electronically searchable words of your documents. We do the work for you - letting you do what you do best. We're positive the end result will be unparalled.

Examine-IT Pro Analyzes Your Files

Our new app lets you inspect a group of electronic files on the privacy of your computer. Our app will tell you the number and types of files you have, identify searchable PDFs and estimate the number of pages, searchable or not, in select types. The app will even look inside your zip files.

To find out how easy it is to make your documents searchable PDFs and to have all of your files put into one common database, all you need to do is to send a copy of the report generated by Examine-it Pro to ThunderCloud Resources for a free quote.

Download the app today for Mac! If you need a Windows Version, contact us.

"But aren't most of my documents already electronic and searchable?"

Scanned documents are not in a searchable format, they must be OCR'd. OCR quality is also an issue. We can solve these problems and give you a better electronically searchable database.

Doc-IT: The Nuts & Bolts

Once you supply us your documents, we do the tedious work of ensuring your documents are as searchable as possible and then load them into your confidential database. We identify all duplicate documents and duplicate pages.

ThunderCloud Resources utilizes multiple OCR tools to increase word recognition success. This extra focus means we can give you better results. We transform all your documents, regardless of format. The result - a custom database containing all recognizable words that will be searchable with our integrated search engine.

Discover-IT: Our Integrated Search Engine

We will provide you with a specially-designed search engine coupled with your confidential database. Duplicate files and pages have been identified, minimizing the time you spend searching. Any file not searchable will be included by file name so you can still locate them. And the best part is that no special training is required. Just enter a word or phrase describing what you're looking for and search your files.

The integrity and security of your documents at all stages of the process is of utmost importance to ThunderCloud Resources. Your files can be given to you on a USB Flash Drive, downloaded from our secure FTP site to your computers, or uploaded to your secure FTP site.


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The End Result

We save you valuable time by converting your files into searchable words, allowing you more time to query your documents. And there is no expensive hardware, software or storage costs for you to incur.

One price transforms your documents and includes a custom database and easy-to-use search engine, regardless of how many users you have. Documents can be added in later increments for an additional cost. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!


ThunderCloud Resources - Your Documents, Your Search, Anytime, Anywhere

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