Supplemental Services

ThunderCloud Resources can offer the following supplemental services based on our 40 years of experience with expert testimony and technical litigation support in light of today's technology.

Private Cloud

It's really a simple concept - take your cloud outside your office for the ultimate in security. Don't worry about slow public Wi-Fi or being hacked. Most of all, don't worry about leaving an important file back at the office.

Exhibit Preparation

Experience the preparation of high-quality electronic or hard copy exhibits. We can prepare iPad or other electronic presentations as well as larger format boards for your courtroom needs.

Documents for Experts

ThunderCloud can categorize your documents and files to spare you the time-consuming expense of experts wading through all discovery documents. They will get only what they need.

Courtroom Assistance

We can also provide you with a large TV for exhibit viewing and/or a technical aide to assist you inside or outside the courtroom with your document needs.


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