Why ThunderCloud?

It's just a hunch, but we are betting you didn't go to college or start your business to learn about IT, FTP, SFTP, VPN, or OCR, or to process documents by the thousands.


Why Us?

We see words differently than you do. To you, a word has meaning. To us, a word is data to be included in a database that can be compiled and searched. You look at a few words at a time. We analyze them by the millions so you can find the word you want.

Why Us?

We move the drudgery of organizing and making your documents searchable from your desk to ours, saving you time to do what you do best.

Why Us?

It’s easy to have more than 100 million words in a database. If the quality of your OCR-ing were improved just 1 percent, you’d have 1 million more searchable words in your documents. Scary what you could be missing, isn’t it?

Why Us?

Better process—better results. Take OCR-ing, which is short for Optical Character Recognition, the process of turning scanned images into searchable words. Sure you can do it, but have you ever taken the time to see what kind of results you get? When you look at a PDF, you don’t see the real characters behind the image. It’s not always what you see - just look at the first part of this notice of rights.


Why Us?

Because we don’t think you should have to buy expensive software that has a steep learning curve.

Why Not?

Let ThunderCloud Resources transform all of your documents into one custom database that is made just for you.


Ready to Start!

ThunderCloud Resources is ready to simplify the way your search your documents today. Download Examine-It Pro from the App Store Today. We have a Windows version as well, please contact us directly.

ThunderCloud Resources - Your Documents, Your Search, Anytime, Anywhere