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Your business receives and stores thousands of documents—in paper and electronic formats. They accumulate over time, or you could get them in big chunks. When you need to find something in a file, wouldn’t it be easier if your documents were in one database that you could search anytime and anywhere, even without the Internet? Now you can. ThunderCloud Resources, LLC has developed a process and software that utilizes your existing personal computers.

Increasing the efficiency of your office in this electronic world without incurring excessive costs and high learning-curve software is a big business challenge. The market place is competitive, and everyone is being asked to do more with less. We believe the ThunderCloud process and software can save you time and money. Forty years of experience being a successful small business have taught us how to be responsive in an ever-changing marketplace. And we made the app to get you started.

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"ThunderCloud Resources provides complete courtroom services. We use their document analysis and exhibit preparation services because they are efficient and effective."

Douglas Manson, Esq.

Manson Bolves Donaldson, PA

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Get the Power Of One Database!

People expect you to know what's in all of your documents. Now you can by having your documents processed and searchable in one electronic database that you can query however you want, wherever you are. Most small businesses default to a fragmented search process wasting lots of time looking for documents. The ThunderCloud process requires no special training, no monthly user fees, and no Internet costs. No kidding.

Even Duplicate Pages are Identified

ThunderCloud's unique process identifies duplicate pages when assembling your custom database. Makes searching more efficient! Bet your system doesn't do that.

Are You Being Asked to Do More with Less?

Small- to medium-sized businesses cannot afford the luxury of expensive software and specially trained staff to support your document needs. Even cloud-based solutions get expensive, and they keep you tethered. Get the power of being able to easily search your documents anywhere. Give more power to those who need it at no extra cost to you.

Our easy-to-use software lets you search all of your processed documents at once for any word and phrase. No need for special software training and no per user charge.

Easing the Pain of PST Files

There is nothing fun about dealing with PST files. Now ThunderCloud Resources can ease your pain. We have developed in-house capabilities to process your PST files, extract and recombine native files, convert files to searchable PDFs and then process them into one searchable database to use with our search engine. Just imagine the freedom of searching archived emails and attachments at one time without using Outlook. Contact us today to let you search PST files painlessly.

There is no Substitute for Business Experience

The marketplace for your business is competitive. With nearly 40 years of successful small business experience, we have learned how to be responsive in an ever-changing marketplace. Don't let the challenges of going through thousands of documents and finding important information decrease your efficiency and prevent you from doing what you do best.

We formed ThunderCloud Resources with our vision of a better document analysis and query system, designed to reduce your costs and increase your competitiveness. Get The Power Today!


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